An expression of values

We carry out an avant-garde design journey through experience, technology and a human team with a vocation for a job well done. The result? Our interpretation of timeless elegance in a functional habitat with innovative lines that are fully customizable. LoyraTime furniture is entirely made in Spain, guaranteeing from the selection of the best raw materials and the installation of the most prestigious equipment, to the high-end finishes.

Our catalog has a wide range of products with
which it is possible to furnish different spaces. In this
occasion, this versatility is transmitted with the incorporation
of new designers who, together with Ximo Roca Diseño,
they have interpreted our philosophy from their personality.

Come visit us, we will introduce new products as
different as its creators, Mario Ruíz, Jorge Pensi,
Carlos Tíscar, Ángel Martí and Ximo Roca Design.

We will wait for you!

Customizable bookcases and containers

Minimalist or maximalist. You choose. Our collections are designed to fit your style, lifestyle and customs. For this reason, you can choose between our furniture and configure it as it best suits your home. Flexibility and customization are our hallmark.


They are the meeting, leisure and work space in your home. Every home has its needs and that is why LoyraTime adapts to your particular needs, but always with an elegant and timeless design. You can choose the finishes you want for yours: size, colors, materials, etc. Additionally, you can test in our configurator to simulate how your tables will look.

Chairs, sofas and armchairs

At LoyraTime we know that you are going to spend a lot of time in them, that’s why we combine comfort and design so that you can enjoy them. You can choose the finishes so that they are 100% you: your style, your choice. Moreover, you can try our configurator to simulate what your chairs, sofas and armchairs will look like.



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